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Empretec Zimbabwe and AEH, with the support of IDRC (International Development Research Centre Canada) and Australia International Food Security Centre, launched a Business Plan Competition for youth aged 18-35 years, as part of the Celebrations for the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). The business plans were to identify and seek to exploit business opportunities along the maize value chain in Zimbabwe. 80 entries were received and the top ten walked away with different awards to pursue identified opportunities.

Agriculture is the backbone of Zimbabwe's economy in as much as Zimbabweans remain a largely a rural people who derive their livelihood from agriculture and other related rural economic activities. Maize is the staple food in Zimbabwe but due to poor post-harvest management, aflatoxins, natural toxins produced by fungi has infected maize and other crops.

The pictures herein tell the story.

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Empretec Zimbabwe

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Empretec Zimbabwe


Empretec Zimbabwe was set up in 1992 as a joint initiative of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Zimbabwe Investment Centre.

In 1997, Empretec was registered as a Trust in order to facilitate transition into an autonomous entity that would be able to sustain its programme activities beyond the project period.  Empretec's mandate is to develop entrepreneurship.

Throughout its years of operation Empretec has been instrumental in the development of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

Over 15 000 people have been trained and over 20 000 jobs created by Empretec since its inception nationwide. The Trust continues to play a pivotal role in developing entrepreneurs, not only in Zimbabwe but in other countries in Africa.

In its quest to develop and promote entrepreneurship, Empretec runs an award programme that seeks to recognise, reward and motivate successful entrepreneurs. The awards are in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Woman of the Year Award
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Micro Entrepreneur of the Year Award

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