About Empretec

In 1997, Empretec Zimbabwe was registered as a trust and is guided by a distinguished private sector driven advisory board.

Empretec is UNCTAD's integrated capacity-building programme promoting the creation of sustainable small and medium sized enterprise (SME) support structure to help promising entreprenuers build innovative and internationally competitive SMEs.

Achievements :

  • Trained over 15 000 entrepreneurs
  • At least 85% proceeded to set up or expand existing businesses
  • 49% are women.
  • 40% were previously in professional positions
  • 35% are exporting
  • Created over 20 000 jobs
  • Contributed to the GDP of the country
  • Created an entrepreneurial culture in the country
  • Professionally respected and considered a main player in the development of the SME sector
  • Helped to create recognition and respect for the SME sector
  • Opinion is sought after on issues of national debate
  • Developed excellent relations with a cross-section of major players in the SME sector.

To be the leading authority in entrepreneurship


To build and nurture a high quality, growth oriented community of internationally recognized men and women entrepreneurs in a commercially viable manner


  • Leadership
  • Mastery
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Empretec on enterprise has done some regional assignments in countries in the region including South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Uganda and Tanzania.


Partnered with multilateral, bilateral agencies and private sector in Zimbabwe.

Through the management's own initiative, resilience and networks, Empretec has raised funding from several other traditional and non-traditional donors and sponsors including the ones detailed below: